Is The Real Estate Market in the Maryland Suburbs Reaching Equilibrium?

In the following video there seems to be some encouraging signs that the real estate market in the Maryland Suburbs is beginning to reach an equilibrium.  This is the point where home prices stabilize because there are less than six months of housing supply available for sale and the number of home buyers in the marketplace has decreased.  This video — supplied by MRIS (our local Multiple Listing Service) — indicates that most of the home buyers in the marketplace have already made their purchases in time to get the tax credit that ended on April 30th.

There is a lot of truth to this.  People who were inclined to buy a home did so earlier in the spring when they could get either $8,000 (for first time home buyers) or $6,500 (for exisiting home owners) free money from Uncle Sam in order to get ‘er done.  It is also true that a lot of the foreclosures and short sales are being bought up as the result of additional home buyer assistance from the various Counties in the Maryland Suburbs.

All told, it looks like housing has stopped it’s free fall and is starting to level out.  Check out this video for a more detailed look (it’s only about 3 minute long):

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