The Real Estate Ad Magazine

In some of my previous blog posts I wrote about some of the holdovers from days gone by in the real estate advertising world. These included:

In today’s post, I’ll touch on what is probably the real dinosaur of real estate advertising.

The Real Estate Ad Magazine

couple looking through a real estate ad magazineI find it amazing that these things are still around but there are a few still hanging around. Not too many, though.

You can find them in your local 7-11 or coming out of a grocery store. Occasionally, they can be found in Chinese restaurants or pizza carryout joints.

I know you’ve seen ’em. Sometimes, they’re about the size of a paperback book (with far fewer pages) and have lots of pictures of houses for sale. They’re usually divided into geographic areas. Real Estate Ad Magazines for this county or that or they may take up several counties trying to cast a wide net on a wide audience.

Sometimes, the ads aren’t for homes, they’re for particular agents.

They show what might be a nice picture of the front exterior of the home and some brief features of the home including the all important price and the contact information for the listing agent.

They’re great to go through if you’re waiting for you carryout order to get finished, maybe, you’re from out-of-town and want to just see what’s around.

There are a couple of disadvantages to these real estate ad magazines and I predict it won’t be long before they disappear completely.

The Internet Is A  “Thing” Now

Yes. It’s true. More people than ever have access to the Internet and not only at home. It’s on their mobile devices and they can look up homes anytime they want. In fact, there is even an app that lets you point your phone at any particular home, take a photo and get all the information about that home you could possibly hope for (get it here) including school information and more.

The other thing about the real estate ad magazine is that it requires a long lead time to get it into the magazine. It’s not unusual to need two weeks or longer to prepare the ad and then have it appear in the ad magazine. In that same time period, your house is already all over the Internet with tons of photos and a long narrative about the benefits of owning your home.

The real estate ad magazines also cost a boatload of money. Yes, it’s expensive to put out those nice magazines on paper every two weeks or every month. The publishers of those magazines pass that cost along to the agent.

To be fair, the real estate ad magazine people now have their own Internet sites that they place these homes on.  It’s an “additional” feature for placing your ad in their little booklet.

How People Actually Find That Your House Is For Sale

Amazing as it sounds, a Realtor with access to the Multiple Listing Service and access to a few good Internet marketing tools is the best way to sell your house. The Real Estate Ad Magazine is a one time shot at a passing parade of people who may or may not keep the magazine long enough to remember what they saw.

The Multiple Listing Service provides every Realtor with serious buyers who are looking for home tons of information about those homes. The multitude of real estate websites help the serious home buyer at home or work look through all the houses that meet their criteria and save them to share with family and friends or come back to later.

Of all the ways that real estate marketing has changed and essentially rendered thee “old ways” obsolete, the real estate magazine is probably the one that is most inefficient while being the most expensive.

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