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Let’s Keep Pointing Fingers

In today's Washington Post, Tom Toles, the Post's editorial cartoonist, depicts both mortgage lenders and home buyers as the culprits in the current economic crisis. It wasn't so long ago that Realtors were at fault since it was Realtors, hungry for commission dollars, sold … [Read more...]

Will an Old Fashioned “Sale” Help Home Sales?

In an interesting turn of events, Coldwell Banker is initiating something that retail department stores, car dealerships and grocery stores do all the time.  They're have a "sale". It seems that Coldwell Banker has reached an agreement with about 25,000 of their Seller clients … [Read more...]

Effortless Weight Loss

Did that title get your attention.  Good.  That's what it's supposed to do.  You see, there are certain phrases or words that will get everybody to look at least once.  Weigh loss is one.  Making Millions of Dollars is another.  In real estate, we like to make houses as appealing … [Read more...]

Real Estate 101 – The Open House

I've written about the Open House concept on a variety of blogs and I always say that I'm not a real big fan of Open Houses.  Of course, Sellers really like the idea of an Open House and I can understand why.  After all, the Open House is steeped in real estate tradition. Back … [Read more...]