Real Estate 101 – Clearing Out the Cluttter

OK.  I admit it.  I am not the neatest person in the world.  I have been known to accumulate stuff.  Mostly in my home office. You probably know what I mean. Trade magazines. Scrap pieces of paper with phone numbers on them. Loads of motivational and instructional CDs and (gasp!) … [Read more...]

What Does a “Buyer’s Market” Really Mean?

As many people can tall you, we are in the midst of a Buyer's Market.  In general, this means that Buyers rather than the Sellers of homes will have an easier time making the transition into their new home.  Buyers are better able to negotiate terms that are more the their liking … [Read more...]

The Common Sense Fix

Here's something of a confession: I'm a big fan of Dave Ramsey.  You may have heard of him from his syndicated talk show on the radio or from his cable show on Fox Business or maybe read one of his books.  I actually have a link to his website in the sidebar to the right called … [Read more...]

Stay Calm

I was watching CNBC yesterday evening after the close of the trading day on Wall Street and noticed that the Dow Jones Industrial Average had fallen 777 points.  Of course, the other indices - the S&P 500 Composite and the NASDAQ - had fallen pretty drastically as well.  All … [Read more...]

Will the Bailout Help?

In a front page article of today's Washington Post, it appears that Congress is getting ready to pass some sort of massive bailout plan designed to save the economy from going into free fall. To be honest, I haven't read every word of the main article, let alone all the analysis … [Read more...]