Gift Funds From The Bank Of Mom And Dad

Buying a home isn't cheap. There's the down payment. Even when a home buyer qualifies for a low down payment or zero down payment loan (in the case of VA loans), they still need to come up with closing costs. Then there is the cost of moving and furnishing and all that kinda … [Read more...]

Real Estate Settlements

In Maryland, we call them real estate settlements. That's the process of finalizing everything that has come before when the buyer has agreed to purchase the house and the seller has agreed to sell it. A lot goes into the "before" part of the real estate transaction. If … [Read more...]

Home Appraisals and Your Home Sale

Finding that perfect sweet spot for pricing you home for a sale that is both quick and gets you top dollar is trickier than it sounds. I rarely meet with sellers who will tell me: Ken, I think whatever price you think this house will sell for is good. I just want to sell the … [Read more...]

Why To Keep Your Home Warm When It’s Cold

I'm cold. You're cold. Your pets are cold. If you're house is vacant, your pipes are cold and probably frozen. The thermostat has probably been placed way, way low to help you save on electric bills. That means the inside of your house is cold, cold, cold even if your … [Read more...]

The Home Inspection

Home inspections are pretty common contingencies with any purchase contract nowadays. There was a time back in the bubble years when a buyer would waive the home inspection and lots of other contingencies just to get the competitive edge to buy a home. Of course, we all know … [Read more...]