Why The MLS Is Your Friend

The MLS or Multiple Listing Service - known as MRIS in this area - is a resource that can be absolutely invaluable when it comes time to sell your home. It's also a pretty good friend when you're buying a home. Of course, there's a catch to it. The catch is your Realtor. The … [Read more...]

“But, I Put In New Ceiling Fans”

This blog post might be the start of some mini-rants from situations I run into from time to time. This first one is about how people, trying to increase the value of their homes, really grasp for straws tying to justify why their home should go for a much higher price than a … [Read more...]

What is a “Carpet Allowance”?

Carpet allowance. Painting allowance. My house needs some upkeep allowance. Whatever you want to call it, the idea is that the home owner doesn't want to spend the money to replace the carpet or paint or do whatever. Instead, they want to provide the potential home buyer with … [Read more...]

The Real Estate Ad Magazine

In some of my previous blog posts I wrote about some of the holdovers from days gone by in the real estate advertising world. These included: The Real Estate Yard Sign The Real Estate Postcard The Real Estate Information Flyer and The Real Estate Open HouseĀ (here is a … [Read more...]

The Real Estate Information Flyer

Like the real estate yard sign and the real estate postcard, the real estate information flyer is yet another print item held over from the olden days of real estate sales. It seems to be something that most sellers like and some buyers enjoy but doesn't have a lot of useful … [Read more...]