‘Desperate Home Sellers’ of the MD Suburbs of DC

Here's a confession: I've never watched a whole episode of Desperate Housewives.  I just like the title. However, based on what I am seeing in the marketplace, it would seem like a lot of home buyers believe that there should be a show call "Desperate Home Sellers". Buyers are … [Read more...]

When The Seller Won’t Budge

I'm representing a wonderful client with a nice home in College Park Woods. One of the nice things about the home is that there is no wolf at the door. The Seller isn't in a bind and there is no bank or "third party approval" that needs to get involved with the sale of the home.  … [Read more...]

Real Estate 101 – Letters of Intent

It's a crazy market out there! The Maryland Contract of Sale and all of the appropriate addenda for various inspections and jurisdictions, etc. can run to 40+ pages.  Even though most of it is boilerplate put together by lawyers, there are still a lot of blanks to fill in with … [Read more...]

A New Lockbox System

Tomorrow, I walk into a hotel ballroom in Greenbelt to convert all my Supra lockboxes and key access to Sentrilock lockboxes and key access. Woo! Hooo!!! Neighboring jurisdictions have converted long ago (and Montgomery County/Washington, DC will convert a little later this … [Read more...]

Will A New Administration Stimulate Home Sales?

Many of my clients are optimistic that a new presidential administration and a new Congress will usher in a new wave of potential home buyers. "Let's see what happens after the election." was common to hear. I believe the thinking is that important factors like price and … [Read more...]