How Fast Do You Want Your House To Sell?

In a recent article in the real estate section of The Washington Post entitled: Why overpricing your home can be a costly mistake the author lays out a pretty common scenario about a home seller who wants "top dollar" for their home and has somewhat unrealistic perceptions about … [Read more...]

Should We Get Rid Of The Mortgage Interest Deduction?

The mortgage interest deduction is one of those American traditions like turkey and pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. Even if you don't like it you better not fool with it. Still, from time to time, people look for ways to create a more balanced Federal budget without adding more … [Read more...]

Mortgage Rates On The RIse

Mortgage rates are one of the key factors in buying or selling a home.  It's really pretty simple.  The higher the mortgage interest rate the more expensive the monthly payment for a house. So, let's pretend we're talking about a house that might sell for, oh, $400,000. A nice … [Read more...]

Why Your Home Sale Just Got Longer

About a month ago (October 3, 2015), new mortgage rules went into effect. These rules, created by the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB), are designed to make the mortgage process more understandable to the person borrowing the money. It combines parts two existing … [Read more...]

Even Banks Are Hating FHA Mortgages

In my previous post about why home sellers need to shy away from buyers who have an "approval' for an FHA mortgage, I was concerned that home owners would be saddled with tons of unanticipated expenses that could seriously reduce their net proceeds. You see, when an FHA … [Read more...]