Let’s Keep Pointing Fingers

In today's Washington Post, Tom Toles, the Post's editorial cartoonist, depicts both mortgage lenders and home buyers as the culprits in the current economic crisis. It wasn't so long ago that Realtors were at fault since it was Realtors, hungry for commission dollars, sold … [Read more...]

Stay Calm

I was watching CNBC yesterday evening after the close of the trading day on Wall Street and noticed that the Dow Jones Industrial Average had fallen 777 points.  Of course, the other indices - the S&P 500 Composite and the NASDAQ - had fallen pretty drastically as well.  All … [Read more...]

Happy Anniversary, PGCAR

Last night the Prince George's County Association of Realtors held a gala celebration honoring their 75th Anniversary as a professional association of Realtors.  I am proud to  be a member of this fine Association. It was a great time. Our County and State politicians came out … [Read more...]

A New Adventure Begins

Thank you to the fine folks at Dakno Marketing for helping me get started with this Blog. For years, it seems, I've been flailing away on a couple of other blogs on a different blog platform and not really reaching the audience I wanted to reach. Now, that I have the new and … [Read more...]