A Good Explanation

I actually read a hard copy paper newspaper everyday.  My hometown paper is named The Washington Post even though lots of people think of it as a national or, even international, newspaper. In today's Business section there is a nice article that describes the terms we have been … [Read more...]


As the stock market continues it's downward slide, the media is creating a kind of never ending cycle of further and further sell-offs in the market which in turn creates more selling in a panic to cash out before investments go to zero.  Exacerbating this trend is the fact that … [Read more...]

Joining Technorati

Technorati Profile … [Read more...]

Let’s Keep Pointing Fingers

In today's Washington Post, Tom Toles, the Post's editorial cartoonist, depicts both mortgage lenders and home buyers as the culprits in the current economic crisis. It wasn't so long ago that Realtors were at fault since it was Realtors, hungry for commission dollars, sold … [Read more...]

Stay Calm

I was watching CNBC yesterday evening after the close of the trading day on Wall Street and noticed that the Dow Jones Industrial Average had fallen 777 points.  Of course, the other indices - the S&P 500 Composite and the NASDAQ - had fallen pretty drastically as well.  All … [Read more...]