Don’t Be Your Home’s Tour Guide

Being your home's tour guide is almost as bad as over pricing your home. I say almost because no matter what you do, if your home is overpriced to the market it's in, it will never sell. However, being a "tour guide" when potential buyers and their buyer's agents visit your home … [Read more...]

Closing Help? What Does That Mean?

Closing help.  It's one of those shorthand terms we real estate agents use to describe something that a home buyer wants from the home seller. It's not always readily understood. Especially, if the seller hasn't been involved in a home sale for a long time. Even if they do … [Read more...]

Your Realtor And Free Advice

No. This isn't going to be a blog post about decluttering your house. It's not going to tell you to make sure your place has "curb appeal". No admonitions about "competitive pricing". This is about calling up "your friend", the neighborhood Realtor, for some friendly advice … [Read more...]

Real Property VS Personal Property

In the real estate world there are two types of property. There is the real property from which real estate gets it's name: all land, structures, firmly attached and integrated equipment (such as light fixtures or a well pump), anything growing on the land, and all "interests" … [Read more...]

Selling Your Home And Living In The Past

If it's been awhile since you've sold a home, I have news for you.  Things are a little different nowadays. For one thing, there is this really cool thing called The Internet. It's amazing. It links people together and it provides massive amounts of information in almost real … [Read more...]