Mr. Market Doesn’t Care

Over the years I have heard all manner of reasons why "my house" should sell for more than any other similar house like it in the neighborhood. It's got a bigger lot It's got a corner lot It has great schools I just did all these home improvements The list could go … [Read more...]

Your House’s Value – A Year From Now

Lately, I've been getting a lot of requests for what I think might be the value of a person's house...sometime in the future. Usually, it's someone with an investment property. A rental home. They've been renting the house out for sometime and, now, they're getting a little … [Read more...]

Cut Monthly Costs and Boost Home Value with Stylish, Efficient Window Treatments

A recent study from Texas A&M found that curb appeal improved home sale prices by 17 percent. Not only can quality window treatments enhance curb appeal, window coverings can also provide insulation and decrease heat loss from your home by 20 percent during the winter. While … [Read more...]

Stats and Graphs of the Day | Laurel, MD 20707

Laurel MD is one of those area a bit north of DC and a bit south of Baltimore that spreads across a wide geographic area. In fact, Laurel can be found in Prince George's County, Howard County and Anne Arundel County. It also takes in a lot of zip codes. Today we'll look at … [Read more...]

10 Benefits of Lighting Your Home with Indoor Motion Sensor Lights

Some people may think that lights only serve the purpose of illuminating rooms and helping us see better.  Many don’t know that there is a new technology today called motion sensor lights which serve the benefit of properly safeguarding your home. Smart lights, as they are also … [Read more...]