The Real Estate Ad Magazine

In some of my previous blog posts I wrote about some of the holdovers from days gone by in the real estate advertising world. These included: The Real Estate Yard Sign The Real Estate Postcard The Real Estate Information Flyer and The Real Estate Open House (here is a … [Read more...]

The Real Estate Postcard

  The real estate postcard is kinda like the real estate yard sign I wrote about in my last blog post. It has a few uses and, like the real estate yard sign, is a remnant of days gone by. Days before the Internet was a thing. It's really used nowadays for four big and … [Read more...]

The Real Estate Yard Sign

Nothing says "Home For Sale" like the real estate yard sign. You may have been thinking of selling your home for months. Getting ready. Packing things. Having yard sales. Then you finally picked your Realtor (me) and I came over and discussed pricing strategies and you … [Read more...]

I Got Me A New Caricature

So, I got this caricature done on Fiverr. You know. The place that does all kinds of things for $5 except that anything on Fiverr is rarely five bucks. Anyway. I always liked caricatures. I don't know why. Maybe it's because I know they're a distortion of what I look like … [Read more...]

Why Print Media Doesn’t Sell Homes – Home Magazines

What I'm talking about here is trying to get the word out about your home by placing ads in those cute magazines you see at the 7-Eleven or Chinese take-outs.  You know the kind I mean. Smallish, about the size of a paperback.  Usually has a nice photo of a pretty house on the … [Read more...]