Being Authentic

Being authentic is a phrase that was in favor about a year or so ago. I think some people still use it. The idea is that you and I are supposed to be "real". We're supposed to be "authentic" with one another. None of that fake stuff. Sounds good, huh? I mean, what's not to … [Read more...]

Client Spotlight – October 2009

This month’s Client Spotlight shines on Matt & Lisa Lindeman. I forget how I actually met Matt and Lisa about five years ago.  They were looking for their first home and they wanted it to be within a decent commute to work and in a great neighborhood.  Back then, it was just … [Read more...]

Client Spotlight – March 2009

This month, the Client Spotlight shines on someone who has been a client and friend from the time I stuck my toe in the real estate waters. When  I first thought I might like to get into real estate I worked as an unlicensed assistant to another Realtor® for about nine months. … [Read more...]