How’s The Real Estate Market? | College Park, MD

From time to time I like to show the charts on what is happening with the real estate market in any given area. Today, I'm going to take a look at College Park, MD the home of the world famous Terps sports dynasty at the University of Maryland. College Park, MD is not the … [Read more...]

Stats and Graphs of the Day | Beltsville, MD and College Park, MD

Today's fun with stats and graphs will show a comparison between College Park, MD and Beltsville, MD. These towns, located in Prince George's County near Washington, DC, are neighbors. It's easy to walk or drive from one to the other and not even realize you're in a different … [Read more...]

Free Money To Live In College Park, MD

Did I say free? Yes, boys and girls, College Park, MD has a housing grant program that provides $5,000 toward the purchase of a home in College Park.  That could mean the difference between your offer being accepted by a home seller or not. You see, home buyers are still … [Read more...]

Bidding War for Foreclosures in College Park

You would think that if people had a choice between foreclosed homes that need repair and are always sold in "as is" condition and "regular" sales where the seller can make a quick decision about selling the home and also may be willing to make repairs based upon an inspection, … [Read more...]

A Tale of Three Houses, Part 1 | College Park

There is the conventional wisdom that it is better to wait until the Spring before you put your home on the market.  There are lots of reasons for doing that but the biggest one is "Just Because".  That's right.  It's better to wait until Spring "Just Because" everyone says so or … [Read more...]