“But, I Put In New Ceiling Fans”

This blog post might be the start of some mini-rants from situations I run into from time to time. This first one is about how people, trying to increase the value of their homes, really grasp for straws tying to justify why their home should go for a much higher price than a … [Read more...]

Five Easy Ways to Increase Home Value

Suburban Maryland has some of the most beautiful real estate in the country. Inside and out, Mid-Atlantic homes provide a cozy sensibility and subtle elegance. Plus, if you know what you're doing, they can also provide great resale value. Here are five quick tips to boost … [Read more...]

Your House And Deferred Maintenance

For the last couple of days, the Missus and I have gone for a little walk through our neighborhood. Both days were beautiful and perfect walking weather. The sun was out. The temperature wasn't too cold or too hot. So out the front door we went. Just for a stroll. And to get what … [Read more...]

Value Your Home in 5 Easy Steps

Knowing the value of your home is very important, especially if you are looking to sell it. For those┬áthat do not know how to value a home, it can be a very complicated process. However, valuing your home is not an exact science only known by real estate agents. If you follow the … [Read more...]