Home Price Sticker Shock

It comes to no surprise to us in the Washington DC area that this is one of the most expensive areas in the country to live. Home prices, relative to home prices in many other parts of the country, are high. Very high. The sticker shock people get when they move here (or want to … [Read more...]

A Short Course In Short Sales

Short sales can be "a deal" (sometimes) or your worst nightmare (lots of times). There are lots of moving parts and most of the time the people who are most interested in making it work — the home seller and home buyer — have absolutely zero control over the outcome. What Is … [Read more...]

Prince George’s County, MD Rescinds Previous Action On Assessed Values of Homes

Whoa!  Not so fast.  At least, that seems to be the reaction of the Prince George's County, MD Government regarding their previous action on assessed value of property in the County.  If you read my previous post, you'll know that were not going to take into account the sales … [Read more...]

Update on Tax Assessments in Prince George’s County, MD and Laurel, MD Housing Grants

I just wanted to share some information I came across that I though might be interesting to people. The first tidbit is about the sale of homes for less than 50% of their assessed value.  This may be the case in some foreclosed homes or, perhaps, estate sales or a home that has … [Read more...]

Short Sale Seller Saga

Short sales. For some reason buyers think they're a helluva deal and sellers think it's a way out of their mortgage and avoid foreclosure all in one swoop. Wrong! ...and Wrong! Short sales take months, if you'er lucky. But banks often screw things up as I mentioned in this … [Read more...]