A Day Looking At Homes

Today I went out with a Buyer client looking for condos near the University of MD. The criteria was pretty simple: cheap.  That meant lots of bank-owned condos and lots of short sales. I'm hear to tell you it's been a long time since I went out and looked at so many distressed … [Read more...]

Real Estate 101 – The “Short Sale” Nightmare

There are a lot of houses, town houses and condos in the MD Suburbs of DC that are "short sales" and require "third party approval".  What's that all about? A Definition A "short sale" is a property owned by a Seller who can no longer afford their mortgage payments and wants to … [Read more...]

The Common Sense Fix

Here's something of a confession: I'm a big fan of Dave Ramsey.  You may have heard of him from his syndicated talk show on the radio or from his cable show on Fox Business or maybe read one of his books.  I actually have a link to his website in the sidebar to the right called … [Read more...]

Will the Bailout Help?

In a front page article of today's Washington Post, it appears that Congress is getting ready to pass some sort of massive bailout plan designed to save the economy from going into free fall. To be honest, I haven't read every word of the main article, let alone all the analysis … [Read more...]