Short Sale Seller Saga

Short sales. For some reason buyers think they're a helluva deal and sellers think it's a way out of their mortgage and avoid foreclosure all in one swoop. Wrong! ...and Wrong! Short sales take months, if you'er lucky. But banks often screw things up as I mentioned in this … [Read more...]

Why Short Sales Steam My Shorts

Short Sale:  The sale of a residential property when the owner owes more on their mortgage than that market value of the house. Let's put this in an easier to understand way. Stan and Barb bought their house in 2005 for $398,950. They took out a mortgage for the entire amount - … [Read more...]

Affordable Homes In Bowie, MD

It's sometimes amazing to me how homes in one area, say Bowie, can be so m much nicer than homes in another area and still sell in the same general price range. Recent Home Buying Visits I recently had the opportunity to show some homes in Bowie, MD.  Mostly the homes in the … [Read more...]

Heat, Humidity and Home Inspections

You may have noticed that it's been a tad hot lately. Temps in the high 90s and low 100s. Humidity thick enough to swim through. It's a scorcher. How does this affect home inspections? Home Inspections for Vacant Homes There are a lot of vacant homes out there. Homes that are … [Read more...]

Why “Distressed Homes” Are Not A Deal

I'll probably get in trouble with someone for writing this post. You see, there are a lot of houses in the Prince George's County area  that are in "distressed" condition. No, I don't mean that they need help which, of course, they do. I mean that the owner is trying to sell the … [Read more...]