Should You Buy A “Distressed” Property?

Whether you want to buy a home in Potomac, MD or College Park, MD, a distressed property is essentially the same thing — a short sale or a foreclosed home. Short Sales There is a saying in the industry that you really only need two things (other than money) in order to buy a … [Read more...]

Real Estate Investors and the Housing Market

It seems that deep pocket real estate investors may actually be the saving the housing market from further decline. In a nice story on Morning Edition on NPR, the reporter talked about how major real estate investors are poised to by thousands of homes at a time to turn them … [Read more...]

A Short Sale in the Housing Market

Even now, some six years after the beginning of the rapid decline in the housing market, home buyers don't really understand what it means to deal with a short sale. For that matter, home sellers don't quite understand the ramifications, either. For the home buyer, a short sale … [Read more...]

Is a Foreclosure Tsunami Coming to Maryland?

In a recent Washington Post article in which I was quoted, there seems to be some optimism about a rebound in home prices.  That's a good thing. However, if you read the article, you'll notice that Northern Virginia is seeing a rebound but Prince George's County - which includes … [Read more...]

“Shadow Inventory” and Home Prices

There a great article from Time magazine floating around called How "Shadow Inventory" is Killing the Housing Market"  by Katherine Tarbox. It's a good article fro two reasons: It's a balanced and accurate report of what is happening with foreclosures and It is starting to … [Read more...]