The Realtor Niche

A niche, as defined by Mirriam-Webster is, among other things "a specialized market". You've probably seen this with Realtors in one way or another. There is the waterfront specialist, the center city condo specialist, relocation specialists, Realtors that specialize in horse … [Read more...]

When Does The House Belong To You?

Buying a house can be pretty exciting.  it doesn't matter is it's your first house or your tenth house. Once you pick it out and the seller agrees to your terms, it's almost like the house belongs to you. Only it doesn't. After looking at possibly dozens of homes and … [Read more...]

What You Can’t Afford to Ignore Before You Buy a New House

The prospect of buying a home is exciting; however, don't let excitement trump practicality. Failing to check out capital flows in a house or miscalculating ownership costs can easily make a home shopping and buying experience less than ideal. Here's a list of things to check … [Read more...]

What Happens When The Home Seller Dies?

It's unfortunate and a little unsettling but every now and then the home seller dies in the middle of the real estate transaction. I've only had this happen twice and both times the story had a happy ending.  The death of the person selling the house doesn't necessarily mean the … [Read more...]

Five Common Home SELLER Mistakes

In a previous post, I talked about the Five Common Home BUYER Mistakes. It doesn't matter if the home is in Bethesda, MD or College Park, MD  The house could be in Silver Spring or Greenbelt.  It doesn't matter. Home sellers across the Maryland Suburbs make the same mistake … [Read more...]