Looking For A Home On The Wrong Website?

A website is where most people start their home search. As the video shows, you may be looking at the wrong website. A website that doesn't have complete or accurate information. You could be missing out. I have to admit I'm not a big fan of some of the "big" real estate … [Read more...]

Even Banks Are Hating FHA Mortgages

In my previous post about why home sellers need to shy away from buyers who have an "approval' for an FHA mortgage, I was concerned that home owners would be saddled with tons of unanticipated expenses that could seriously reduce their net proceeds. You see, when an FHA … [Read more...]

Labor Day 2015 And Real Estate

Labor Day is one of those quintessential American holidays. ┬áIt supposedly celebrates the American labor movement that bought us things like the 40 hour work week, the end of child labor and fairer wages. In reality it has morphed into the final long weekend of the summer and … [Read more...]

Smooth As A Baby’s Bottom

This post goes out to my fellow Twitter buddy @gdeems who suggested I might write something like this. It's all about the fact that there is rarely a real estate transaction that doesn't have some glitch in it. A lot of the times it's a lot of glitches. My job is to … [Read more...]

Gift Funds From The Bank Of Mom And Dad

Buying a home isn't cheap. There's the down payment. Even when a home buyer qualifies for a low down payment or zero down payment loan (in the case of VA loans), they still need to come up with closing costs. Then there is the cost of moving and furnishing and all that kinda … [Read more...]