Grasping at Straws

I was reading an interesting article in the Real Estate Section on yesterday's Washington Post called Where Fantasy Meets Reality: The Emotins of Buying and Selling by Yian Mui who is in the market herself.  In it she explains the emotional upheaval a lot of Sellers and Buyers … [Read more...]

Believe It or Not. You Can Still Get A Mortgage.

My good friend and loan officer par excellence, Rob Mercer of First Home Mortgage has been keeping me up-to-date on the mortgage situation and he tells me that mortgages are still available, primarilly through FHA backed loans.  These loans are good because: they require very … [Read more...]

Let’s Keep Pointing Fingers

In today's Washington Post, Tom Toles, the Post's editorial cartoonist, depicts both mortgage lenders and home buyers as the culprits in the current economic crisis. It wasn't so long ago that Realtors were at fault since it was Realtors, hungry for commission dollars, sold … [Read more...]

What Does a “Buyer’s Market” Really Mean?

As many people can tall you, we are in the midst of a Buyer's Market.  In general, this means that Buyers rather than the Sellers of homes will have an easier time making the transition into their new home.  Buyers are better able to negotiate terms that are more the their liking … [Read more...]