“But, I Put In New Ceiling Fans”

This blog post might be the start of some mini-rants from situations I run into from time to time. This first one is about how people, trying to increase the value of their homes, really grasp for straws tying to justify why their home should go for a much higher price than a … [Read more...]

Mr. Market Doesn’t Care

Over the years I have heard all manner of reasons why "my house" should sell for more than any other similar house like it in the neighborhood. It's got a bigger lot It's got a corner lot It has great schools I just did all these home improvements The list could go … [Read more...]

A Short Interview With Southern Maryland Law

About a week ago, I had the opportunity to meet with Dave Gormley of Southern Maryland Law to participate in my first ever Google Hangout on Air. It's short-ish video chat about a previous blog post I wrote about the effect of home improvements on your home's price when you go to … [Read more...]

Home Improvements and Home Price

A lot of times when people decide they want to sell their home they decide to start making home improvements in order to get a good home price. There's nothing wrong with this approach. After all, a house will always sell more quickly and for a bit more money if some nice, … [Read more...]

Not All Listings Sell

There is a little known fact in real estate circles: not all listings sell. That's right. Despite Herculean efforts sometimes a house just will not sell. At least, not during the initial listing period. My practice is to request a listing period of six months. I figure … [Read more...]