What is a “Carpet Allowance”?

Carpet allowance. Painting allowance. My house needs some upkeep allowance. Whatever you want to call it, the idea is that the home owner doesn't want to spend the money to replace the carpet or paint or do whatever. Instead, they want to provide the potential home buyer with … [Read more...]

Now Is The Time To Winterize Your Home

Yeah. It's still pretty warm out there. Temps in the 70s. If it gets cool, it might drop to the 50s. Heck, it doesn't even feel like time to pull out the sweaters. Yet, this is probably the best time to winterize your home. Here are a couple of things you may want to take … [Read more...]

Inspections and the Perfect House

Inspections are a normal part of the home buying process. If you're selling your house, you might as well expect the buyer to ask for one. It makes sense. After all, you want the buyer to be happy with their purchase and the buyer wants to make sure they're not buying a pig in … [Read more...]

The Home Inspection

Home inspections are pretty common contingencies with any purchase contract nowadays. There was a time back in the bubble years when a buyer would waive the home inspection and lots of other contingencies just to get the competitive edge to buy a home. Of course, we all know … [Read more...]

Your House And Frozen Pipes

Yep. I's cold and that means your house may end up with frozen pipes. Frozen pipes can lead to burst pipes once they begin to thaw out. Burst pipes mean water everywhere and, sometimes, you won't even know it until the water starts dripping through your ceiling. Frozen pipes … [Read more...]