“But, I Put In New Ceiling Fans”

This blog post might be the start of some mini-rants from situations I run into from time to time. This first one is about how people, trying to increase the value of their homes, really grasp for straws tying to justify why their home should go for a much higher price than a … [Read more...]

Housing Predictions For 2016

Housing predictions are easy to make. They're a little harder to make accurately. But, I'll give that no never mind. It's a new year and most of my clients are always asking me to make predictions about the future of the housing market. When do you think housing prices … [Read more...]

How Fast Do You Want Your House To Sell?

In a recent article in the real estate section of The Washington Post entitled:¬†Why overpricing your home can be a costly mistake¬†the author lays out a pretty common scenario about a home seller who wants "top dollar" for their home and has somewhat unrealistic perceptions about … [Read more...]

Your Home’s First Week On The Market

Pretty exciting. At the same time it's pretty stressful. Nerve wracking. You have decided to put your home on the market. That means you are planning to move someplace else. That means you have to start thinking of packing all your things and having yard sales or listing … [Read more...]

Is The Real Estate Market Hot…Or Not

There's this guy in my Rotary Club that has had his house on the market since July. I'm not the listing agent. I don't get 'em all. I had to wonder, though, why it's taking so long for his house to sell. After all, isn't this supposed to be a seller's market? A market … [Read more...]