5 Ways To Kill Your Home Sale

The other day I needed to "dis-engage" from a seller who seemed hell bent on not selling his house. To be fair, I took the listing complete with a listing agreement and all the disclosures. There were red flags I should have noticed but ignored. You see, like lots of real … [Read more...]

Why Do People Buy and Sell Houses?

Many times I'm toldĀ to "Let me know." if I know someone who might want to buy someone's house. It's usually an older person who has a set price in mind and doesn't want to actually go through the hassle of putting their home on the market. Putting your home on the market is a … [Read more...]

Selling Your Home “As Is”

There are a lot of times homeowners may want to consider selling their home in "as is" condition. What this means, in a general sense, is that the homeowner is not going to be willing to make any repairs as the result of a home inspection. The home buyer still has their option … [Read more...]

Cut Monthly Costs and Boost Home Value with Stylish, Efficient Window Treatments

A recent study from Texas A&M found that curb appeal improved home sale prices by 17 percent. Not only can quality window treatments enhance curb appeal, window coverings can also provide insulation and decrease heat loss from your home by 20 percent during the winter. While … [Read more...]

Five Easy Ways to Increase Home Value

Suburban Maryland has some of the most beautiful real estate in the country. Inside and out, Mid-Atlantic homes provide a cozy sensibility and subtle elegance. Plus, if you know what you're doing, they can also provide great resale value. Here are five quick tips to boost … [Read more...]