Is The Real Estate Market Hot…Or Not

There's this guy in my Rotary Club that has had his house on the market since July. I'm not the listing agent. I don't get 'em all. I had to wonder, though, why it's taking so long for his house to sell. After all, isn't this supposed to be a seller's market? A market … [Read more...]

Stigmatized Properties

Stigmatized properties. Sounds pretty bad, huh? In the jargon of real estate a "stigmatized" property is a house where something bad has happened or might otherwise have some sort of quirk or taint that doesn't relate directly to the physical condition of the … [Read more...]

Why Your Home Sale Just Got Longer

About a month ago (October 3, 2015), new mortgage rules went into effect. These rules, created by the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau¬†(CFPB), are designed to make the mortgage process more understandable to the person borrowing the money. It combines parts two existing … [Read more...]

Labor Day 2015 And Real Estate

Labor Day is one of those quintessential American holidays. ¬†It supposedly celebrates the American labor movement that bought us things like the 40 hour work week, the end of child labor and fairer wages. In reality it has morphed into the final long weekend of the summer and … [Read more...]

Smooth As A Baby’s Bottom

This post goes out to my fellow Twitter buddy @gdeems who suggested I might write something like this. It's all about the fact that there is rarely a real estate transaction that doesn't have some glitch in it. A lot of the times it's a lot of glitches. My job is to … [Read more...]