A House for 2009 in the MD Suburbs of DC?

Is there a house in your future in 2009?  Interest rates are low (in the low fives and high fours). Homes prices have come down substantially.  Sellers are motivated to help make it happen. Here are a few suggestions: 5709 Butterfield Road, Clinton, MD 20735 This single family, … [Read more...]

Is “Plain Vanilla” A Good Way To Buy A Home In The MD Suburbs of DC?

As we have all heard more times than we can stand, the housing market is in a slump with foreclosures and short sales in plentiful supply.  The problem with this is that it floods the market with an excess number of homes that a limited number of buyers can qualify to buy. … [Read more...]

A New Lockbox System

Tomorrow, I walk into a hotel ballroom in Greenbelt to convert all my Supra lockboxes and key access to Sentrilock lockboxes and key access. Woo! Hooo!!! Neighboring jurisdictions have converted long ago (and Montgomery County/Washington, DC will convert a little later this … [Read more...]

The Washington Post Confirms…

In a previous post I entitled: Will A New Administration Stimulate Home Sales?, I suggested that just because a new Administration was coming to Washington didn't necessarily mean that home sales would see a big spike...or even a little spike. I wrote about it because many … [Read more...]