Selling Your Home And Living In The Past

If it's been awhile since you've sold a home, I have news for you.  Things are a little different nowadays. For one thing, there is this really cool thing called The Internet. It's amazing. It links people together and it provides massive amounts of information in almost real … [Read more...]

Security and Selling Your Home

Security is something everyone thinks about. Especially home buyers. I've never met a person yet who has told me, "I really like a home next to a crack house in a school district with a high dropout rate." No. What I hear is "I want to live in a good neighborhood with good … [Read more...]

Home Improvements – Getting The Most Bang For Your Buck

A little over a week ago I ran into my good buddy and loyal blog reader, Emily (Hi, Emily!) and her husband, Patrick. We were at a party celebrating someone's milestone birthday and since I'm the "go to" real estate guy (and very humble), the conversation came around to real … [Read more...]

Update on Tax Assessments in Prince George’s County, MD and Laurel, MD Housing Grants

I just wanted to share some information I came across that I though might be interesting to people. The first tidbit is about the sale of homes for less than 50% of their assessed value.  This may be the case in some foreclosed homes or, perhaps, estate sales or a home that has … [Read more...]

If You’re Thinking of Buying a House – The Governement Shutdown Will Stop You in Your Tracks

Cut spending!  Smaller government! No Taxes! All this is well and good until you need something the government has -- like the willingness to back mortgages provided by banks and credit unions.  Yeah, that's right.  Most of the mortgages today are backed either by a guarantee - … [Read more...]