Clutter – Preparing Your Home For Sale

Clutter.  It's a little longer than the normal four letter word but it has about the same impact on the sale of your house. Look around. Stroll through all your rooms. See anything? Most of the stuff you see unless your one of the few "neat freaks" in the world is … [Read more...]

Not All Listings Sell

There is a little known fact in real estate circles: not all listings sell. That's right. Despite Herculean efforts sometimes a house just will not sell. At least, not during the initial listing period. My practice is to request a listing period of six months. I figure … [Read more...]

How Long Will It Take My House To Sell?

There seems to be something in the water. The question keeps coming up over and over. How long will it take my house to sell? Most of the time this question comes out of people's mouths before I've seen the property or even done some cursory research on how the sales in the … [Read more...]

Cut Monthly Costs and Boost Home Value with Stylish, Efficient Window Treatments

A recent study from Texas A&M found that curb appeal improved home sale prices by 17 percent. Not only can quality window treatments enhance curb appeal, window coverings can also provide insulation and decrease heat loss from your home by 20 percent during the winter. While … [Read more...]

Would You Rather Sell Your Home Or Just List It?

People ask me to list their homes for sale. What I think they mean is they want me to sell their home. I come by. I look at the condition of their home. I check out the neighborhood to see the condition of the neighborhood. I check out the comparable sales.  I look at the … [Read more...]