Staging Doesn’t Cost, It Pays

In yesterday's post, I talked about three homes that got some very positive results because they were priced competitively to the market.  Today, I just wanted to put in a quick word about staging.  This is what you do in order to present your home to potential buyers.  Granted, … [Read more...]

Preparing Your Home Before Putting it on the Market

This is a short video (less than 2 minutes) that gives my take on whether or not home sellers should go to a lot of expense in order to prepare their home for sale.  As I mentioned in previous posts, your house needs to look like Martha Stewart came for a visit.  That doesn't … [Read more...]

Selling Your Home – From the Buyer’s Point of View

This is a short post because i really want to draw your attention to this post by Clint at Real Estate Client Referrals called Sins of the Seller. Clint works for a company that provides referrals of clients looking to buy or sell homes. However, he in not a Realtor® or real … [Read more...]

Attract More Buyers With Real Lighting

When it comes to selling your home, the presentation is everything. You need your home to look as visually appealing as possible, because as we all know first impressions are critical because you only get one. Home staging is becoming an extremely popular trend for one simple … [Read more...]

Staging Your Home To Sell – Deal or No Deal?

In recent years there has been a new industry that has grown up around "staging" homes to sell.  Simply put, this means that someone with some design sense comes into your home to rearrange things or add things in order to make your home look like a picture from a magazine.  The … [Read more...]