The Opportunity Costs Of Selling Your Home

In one of my recent posts, I wrote about the difference between what you want vs what you'll get when you sell your home. Lots of people sell their home with an eye toward netting out a certain amount of cash so they can use it for any number of good (and not so good) … [Read more...]

What You “Want” And What You “Get” May Be Two Different Things When Selling Your House

I work with a lot of sellers and it goes without saying (although I'll say it here) that home sellers always and without exception want "top dollar" for their home. Usually what this means is that they want to push the pricing envelope just about as far as they can push it. As … [Read more...]

Would You Keep Your House On The Market For A Year?

A year seems like a long time to keep your house on the market. Especially, if you have any kind of equity in your house. Yet, some people are willing to do just that. There are some good reasons that some homes don't "fly off the shelf". In fact, it really is an unrealistic … [Read more...]