The Realtor Niche

A niche, as defined by Mirriam-Webster is, among other things "a specialized market". You've probably seen this with Realtors in one way or another. There is the waterfront specialist, the center city condo specialist, relocation specialists, Realtors that specialize in horse … [Read more...]

The Home Inspection Paradox

Housing inventories are low. Home prices are still in the affordable range. Mortgage rates are still below 5%. If you're a seller, you're loving life because people want to buy your home. If you're a buyer, you know it's time to get going before home prices and mortgage rates … [Read more...]

Happy New Year From The MD Suburbs of DC

Woooo! Hooo! Another year. 2012. This is the part where I tell you everything is going t be great.  The real estate market is poised for a big comeback, home prices will stabilize and start to rise, Days on Market will start to get shorter and shorter. Now is the time to buy. … [Read more...]

Will Higher Interest Rates Encourage Home Buyers to Act?

There was a time when 6% on a 30 year fixed rate mortgage was considered a "good deal".  You had to have a high credit score and a great income-to-debt ratio along with money in the bank.  Soon rates began to drop and the people who were getting 6% were the people with the … [Read more...]