Why The MLS Is Your Friend

The MLS or Multiple Listing Service - known as MRIS in this area - is a resource that can be absolutely invaluable when it comes time to sell your home. It's also a pretty good friend when you're buying a home. Of course, there's a catch to it. The catch is your Realtor. The … [Read more...]

Your Home’s First Week On The Market

Pretty exciting. At the same time it's pretty stressful. Nerve wracking. You have decided to put your home on the market. That means you are planning to move someplace else. That means you have to start thinking of packing all your things and having yard sales or listing … [Read more...]

Five Real Estate Stats For Greenbelt, MD

Greenbelt, MD is a town a little to the east of College Park, MD. ┬áIt has a rich history as a planned community. No, not planned like Columbia, MD or Reston, VA although Greenbelt may well have been the model for those more contemporary cities. Greenbelt was planned way back in … [Read more...]

Skeletons In Your Closet

Yes. It's true. You have skeletons in your closet. Maybe more than one skeleton. Maybe more than one closet. I know. It's a damn shame. You've lived in the house for a long time. You may have raised kids there. You've had parties, friends over for dinner. You've painted … [Read more...]