Housing Inventory, Prices and “The Deal”

We know everyone like a "deal". The deal is something you want and end up buying at a huge discount to what other similar products are priced. In this case, we're talking about houses. It goes without saying (but I'll say it anyway) that sellers want the absolutely most money … [Read more...]

The Spring Real Estate Market In Maryland

It may be a tad early to talk about the spring real estate market in Maryland. After all, it's snowing today...again. This time they're calling for up to 10" depending on where you live in the Maryland Suburbs of Washington, DC. It's easy to forget when it's snowing and … [Read more...]

Lower Home Sales and Higher Mortgage Rates

Homes sales and mortgage rates go hand in hand. If mortgage rates rise too quickly it may put a damper on home sales. On the front page of The Washington Post - above the fold - is an article by Dina ElBoghdady screaming "Rising interest rates slow down housing sales". It's … [Read more...]

Furloughs, Mortgages and Real Estate Trends

I haven't written a blog post in awhile mostly because, well, just because. Since then, the Federal Government has "shut down". I like to call it a lockout. Sort of like they do in sports when the management (in this case, Congress) lockout the players (in this case, the … [Read more...]

Rising Home Prices, Rising Mortgage Rates

You knew it wouldn't last forever. Depressed home prices. Foreclosures everywhere. Short sales galore. Sooner or later housing had to make a comeback. Welcome To The Housing Comeback If you've been listening to the media lately, you know that the housing recovery is … [Read more...]