Housing Inventory, Prices and “The Deal”

We know everyone like a "deal". The deal is something you want and end up buying at a huge discount to what other similar products are priced. In this case, we're talking about houses. It goes without saying (but I'll say it anyway) that sellers want the absolutely most money … [Read more...]

Housing and the Fiscal Cliff

Even though the headline blaring across the front page of The Washington Post say that some "deal" is imminent, chances are good that a "deal" is not.  Later updates on The Washington Post website indicate a lot of buyer's remorse and a lot of politicians trembling before the … [Read more...]

A Case-Shiller Housing Prediction With A Really Scary Graph

Below is a graph found in a blog post I found floating around the blogosphere that has me scared out of my wits. It's interesting at some level because it shows a 100 year history of the housing market and actually provides some perspective to where we are today.  What is a … [Read more...]