4 Providers You Absolutely Need for Your New Home

You can't just move into a new house and start living in it. You have to set it up first. Only then can you truly sit back, relax, and call it home. Any new home, whether you rent or own, will need certain services set up before you can start using it. Set it up before you move … [Read more...]

Five Common Home SELLER Mistakes

In a previous post, I talked about the Five Common Home BUYER Mistakes. It doesn't matter if the home is in Bethesda, MD or College Park, MD  The house could be in Silver Spring or Greenbelt.  It doesn't matter. Home sellers across the Maryland Suburbs make the same mistake … [Read more...]

Some Optimism for the Housing Market in the MD Suburbs

Below is  a video produced by Real Estate Business Intelligence, a MRIS company.  MRIS being our local Multiple Listings Service.  It shows the outlook based on data from November 2010 so it's a tiny bit old but usually these numbers come in the middle of the month anyway. If … [Read more...]

How NOT To Buy A House

So you're in the market to buy a house. Maybe you've even done all your preliminary work like talk to a mortgage professional to see if you could obtain a mortgage.  Maybe you've been on the Internet searching for homes that are in the neighborhoods you want to live in, the type … [Read more...]

Why Print Media Doesn’t Sell Homes – Postcards and Fliers

Postcards Another time honored tradition for selling homes has been the "Just Listed" postcard and it's cousin, the "Just Sold" postcard with an occasional "Price Reduced" postcard thrown in for good measure. These postcards are typically sent out to everyone in the immediate … [Read more...]