Buying a House – Show Me the Money!

Now that you've discovered your big reason WHY to buy a house, you need to go about the business of finding the money to pay for it. Sure. Some people have a ton of cash sitting in their bank account.  I've actually had clients that have bought homes with "all cash", meaning … [Read more...]

A Loan Officer Speaks Out….

In my previous posts about what loan officers won't tell you, there was one post in particular that one loan officer took issue with.  Alan Gross of Prime Lending wrote in a comment: This one may be a little to harsh. There is a real concern about buybacks in the future but the … [Read more...]

More of What Your Loan Officer Won’t Tell You…

Think about these two words for a minute: Fully Approved. They make you feel good, don't they?  It's like when you've been approved for a credit card and the card is in the same envelope as the letter that says you're fully approved.  Maybe it's the acceptance letter to college. … [Read more...]

Buying Things Before Your Real Estate Settlement May Kill The Deal

I recently received this tidbit from a lender: As of June 1, most investors are instituting Fannie Mae’s Loan Quality Initiative, which will require a credit report to be pulled just prior to closing.  This will mean that any new credit or inquiries made since the initial report … [Read more...]