Selling Your Home And Living In The Past

If it's been awhile since you've sold a home, I have news for you.  Things are a little different nowadays. For one thing, there is this really cool thing called The Internet. It's amazing. It links people together and it provides massive amounts of information in almost real … [Read more...]

The Real Estate Ad Magazine

In some of my previous blog posts I wrote about some of the holdovers from days gone by in the real estate advertising world. These included: The Real Estate Yard Sign The Real Estate Postcard The Real Estate Information Flyer and The Real Estate Open House (here is a … [Read more...]

I Got Me A New Caricature

So, I got this caricature done on Fiverr. You know. The place that does all kinds of things for $5 except that anything on Fiverr is rarely five bucks. Anyway. I always liked caricatures. I don't know why. Maybe it's because I know they're a distortion of what I look like … [Read more...]

What A Home Seller Means When They Say…

We Realtors hear a lot of crazy stuff. It amazes me that I hear a lot of the same phrases over and over. Of course, the individual home seller thinks they're being original and clever. To be honest, it took awhile for me to be able to crack the code. "Can You Give Me A … [Read more...]

Realtor Off The Rails

One of the things Realtors are expected to do for people who are selling their house is write nice, interesting, attention grabbing marketing copy.  This is the stuff that people will read online that is supposed to get them interested in visiting the house. Never mind that … [Read more...]