Stats and Graphs of the Day | Beltsville, MD and College Park, MD

Today's fun with stats and graphs will show a comparison between College Park, MD and Beltsville, MD. These towns, located in Prince George's County near Washington, DC, are neighbors. It's easy to walk or drive from one to the other and not even realize you're in a different … [Read more...]

Stats and Graphs of the Day | Bowie, MD 20715

Bowie, MD is one of those sprawling towns that take up a lot of geography and multiple zip codes.  The 20715 zip code encompasses what most people refer to as "old Bowie". It's the part of town that is mostly Levitt style homes that were built in the mid-1960s.  There are … [Read more...]

Free Money To Live In College Park, MD

Did I say free? Yes, boys and girls, College Park, MD has a housing grant program that provides $5,000 toward the purchase of a home in College Park.  That could mean the difference between your offer being accepted by a home seller or not. You see, home buyers are still … [Read more...]

March Madness and the Maryland Housing Market

I was reading a comic strip earlier today in The Washington Post. The gist of it was that March was the month you could gamble and everyone would look the other way. With the NCAA's March Madness basketball tournament set to get underway this month, there will be plenty of … [Read more...]

College Park Named Best Place to Raise Kids in Maryland

According to an article in The Washington Examiner written by Alex Pappas which, in turn, cites Bloomburg Business Week, College Park, MD is the best place to raise kids in Maryland.  Who woulda guessed? The article quotes several residents (and one from University Park) who … [Read more...]