Should We Get Rid Of The Mortgage Interest Deduction?

The mortgage interest deduction is one of those American traditions like turkey and pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. Even if you don't like it you better not fool with it. Still, from time to time, people look for ways to create a more balanced Federal budget without adding more … [Read more...]

Even Banks Are Hating FHA Mortgages

In my previous post about why home sellers need to shy away from buyers who have an "approval' for an FHA mortgage, I was concerned that home owners would be saddled with tons of unanticipated expenses that could seriously reduce their net proceeds. You see, when an FHA … [Read more...]

Home Buyer Closing Costs. Should The Seller Pay Them?

Everybody has them. The buyer has closing costs. The seller had closing costs. These are the fees and taxes and various costs associated with buying and selling a home that have almost nothing to so with the sales price. However, if you're in the process of selling your … [Read more...]

5 Reasons To Pay Off Your Mortgage Off Early

My financial adviser guy says it's not smart to pay off a mortgage and, in fact, if he could get a 1000 year mortgage he would. He puts into the terms of the time value of money. Today's $500,000 is not going to be the same as $500,000 twenty five years from now. Even low … [Read more...]

Does Your Loan Officer Get Performance Anxiety?

No. Not that kind of performance anxiety. The kind of performance anxiety that leads to you not being able to get the loan that was promised to you. Financing is the most critical part of the whole home buying process. It affects everything. Unless you have a ton of cash (and … [Read more...]