Why Your Home Sale Just Got Longer

About a month ago (October 3, 2015), new mortgage rules went into effect. These rules, created by the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB), are designed to make the mortgage process more understandable to the person borrowing the money. It combines parts two existing … [Read more...]

Beware The FHA Mortgage

  Back in the olden days, you needed to save a lot of money in order to buy a house. 20% was the normal number plus closing costs. Depending on the sales price of the house, it could really add up. Of course, the buyer moved into the house with a ton of equity not only in … [Read more...]

Home Prices And Wishful Thinking

I've been in the real estate business a little while. 16 years and counting. I do it full time and most of the time I work with people selling or buying houses in a fairly small geographic area. I don't go too far afield even though my license says I'm good for the entire State … [Read more...]

Real Estate Settlements

In Maryland, we call them real estate settlements. That's the process of finalizing everything that has come before when the buyer has agreed to purchase the house and the seller has agreed to sell it. A lot goes into the "before" part of the real estate transaction. If … [Read more...]

Home Appraisals and Your Home Sale

Finding that perfect sweet spot for pricing you home for a sale that is both quick and gets you top dollar is trickier than it sounds. I rarely meet with sellers who will tell me: Ken, I think whatever price you think this house will sell for is good. I just want to sell the … [Read more...]