Real Estate 101 – Letters of Intent

It's a crazy market out there! The Maryland Contract of Sale and all of the appropriate addenda for various inspections and jurisdictions, etc. can run to 40+ pages.  Even though most of it is boilerplate put together by lawyers, there are still a lot of blanks to fill in with … [Read more...]

Real Estate 101 – The Importance Of Having A Plan (Buying A Home)

Everyone knows this is a very favorable buyer's market.  Prices are down, Sellers are willing to offer concessions, lots of "short sales" and bank-owned foreclosures. All in all, a good time to buy a home. It's not like going out and picking up a pizza, thought.  You have to … [Read more...]

Real Estate 101 – The Open House

I've written about the Open House concept on a variety of blogs and I always say that I'm not a real big fan of Open Houses.  Of course, Sellers really like the idea of an Open House and I can understand why.  After all, the Open House is steeped in real estate tradition. Back … [Read more...]

Real Estate 101 – Clearing Out the Cluttter

OK.  I admit it.  I am not the neatest person in the world.  I have been known to accumulate stuff.  Mostly in my home office. You probably know what I mean. Trade magazines. Scrap pieces of paper with phone numbers on them. Loads of motivational and instructional CDs and (gasp!) … [Read more...]