Your Realtor And Free Advice

No. This isn't going to be a blog post about decluttering your house. It's not going to tell you to make sure your place has "curb appeal". No admonitions about "competitive pricing". This is about calling up "your friend", the neighborhood Realtor, for some friendly advice … [Read more...]

Closing Costs – The Hidden Fees of a Real Estate Transaction

Just a little while back − April 6th − there was an article shared by the National Association of Realtors about millennials being surprised by rel estate closing costs. The article, titled Closing costs are giving sticker shock to home-buying Millennials, was all about how … [Read more...]

Five Real Estate Stats For Beltsville, MD

You would think that with a name like Beltsville, MD there would be a huge belt factory. Or, maybe, it has something to do with the Washington Beltway.  It is neither. According to Wikipedia - the arbiter of all things - Beltsville history goes back to 1649 and evolved into … [Read more...]

Real Estate “Truth”

Sometimes when real estate professionals get together at conferences or training seminars we swap stories about what it's like out their on the front lines of real estate. At a lot of these training sessions we hear about the NAR Code of Ethics which guides us to be truthful … [Read more...]

Getting Past The Home Inspection

There was a time when a home buyer didn't bother with a home inspection contingency in their offer to purchase.  They didn't bother with the appraisal contingency either but offering to pay cash for any difference between the contract price and the appraised value of the home. … [Read more...]