Five Real Estate Stats For Beltsville, MD

You would think that with a name like Beltsville, MD there would be a huge belt factory. Or, maybe, it has something to do with the Washington Beltway.  It is neither. According to Wikipedia - the arbiter of all things - Beltsville history goes back to 1649 and evolved into … [Read more...]

A Look At Prince George’s County Real Estate Stats

Every so often I like to take a look at the real estate stats for the area I do the most work in. In this case, I'm going to take a look at the comparison of real estate stats across the entire Prince George's County, MD and College Park, MD. Prince George's County is a pretty … [Read more...]

Real Estate Trends for Montgomery County and Prince George’s County, Maryland

Here is another in a series of videos put together by Real Estate Business Intelligence, a MRIS company.  MRIS, for those who came in late, is the local Multiple Listing Service that is used by all the licensed real estate agents in the are to post their listings.  Unlike some of … [Read more...]

Real Estate Trends in The Prince George’s County, MD and Montgomery County, MD Area

Every month Real Estate Business Intelligence (a MRIS company) comes out with an interesting video about current real estate trends. They tend to be a month behind (this is for November 2012) mostly because it takes some time to get the stats and the video together. Still. … [Read more...]

A Quick Look At College Park, MD Real Estate Stats

Average Sold Price First, let's take a look at the average prices for homes sold in College Park. The blue line represents all the homes and the purple line represents all the single family homes.  The lines are pretty close because College Park is mostly single family homes. … [Read more...]