Real Estate Trends in Two Maryland Counties | Montgomery County & Prince George’s County

Over the years I have devoted the occasional blog post to the Stats and Graphs of one particular town or another to show the real estate trends for that town. What about the entire County, though? The challenge with showing "macro" views of real estate trends is that they tend … [Read more...]

Static and Dynamic Real Estate Graphs and Stats

From time to time I post stuff I entitle "Stats and Graphs of the Day" for various towns in the Maryland suburbs.  It could be College Park or Beltsville or Laurel. Most of the time the stats and graphs of the real estate trends I post for that town are dynamic. That means … [Read more...]

Would You Keep Your House On The Market For A Year?

A year seems like a long time to keep your house on the market. Especially, if you have any kind of equity in your house. Yet, some people are willing to do just that. There are some good reasons that some homes don't "fly off the shelf". In fact, it really is an unrealistic … [Read more...]

Real Estate Trends For The Maryland Suburbs of DC

Real estate trends for the Maryland Suburbs of DC are always nice to look at even if they do really represent the trend in your specific neighborhood. As my friend, the other Ken, tells me Montgomery County has a lot more higher priced homes than Prince George's County. It's also … [Read more...]

Real Estate Trends for Montgomery County and Prince George’s County, Maryland

Here is another in a series of videos put together by Real Estate Business Intelligence, a MRIS company.  MRIS, for those who came in late, is the local Multiple Listing Service that is used by all the licensed real estate agents in the are to post their listings.  Unlike some of … [Read more...]