Making A Living In Real Estate

Making a living in real estate is really not as easy as it looks. I am reminded of this all the time with each new transaction and each new set of clients. It really came home to me while I was having a conversation with a friend about real estate. It turns out that in my 18 … [Read more...]

Happy 2017! Will The Housing Market Be Happy, Too?

It's been awhile since I posted anything and one of my New Year's resolutions is to get back into the groove of posting more information about the housing market in the Maryland Suburbs of Washington, DC.  I'll also be sharing some of my thoughts and observations. Some might be … [Read more...]

The Real Estate Yard Sign

Nothing says "Home For Sale" like the real estate yard sign. You may have been thinking of selling your home for months. Getting ready. Packing things. Having yard sales. Then you finally picked your Realtor (me) and I came over and discussed pricing strategies and you … [Read more...]

Skeletons in Your Closet

Let's admit it. There are things in our past that we're not too proud to have done...or not done. There's stuff better left unsaid and, maybe, forgotten. Put away. Deep in the closet where no one will find them and remind us. For a lot of life, you may be able to to this. … [Read more...]

The Opportunity Costs Of Selling Your Home

In one of my recent posts, I wrote about the difference between what you want vs what you'll get when you sell your home. Lots of people sell their home with an eye toward netting out a certain amount of cash so they can use it for any number of good (and not so good) … [Read more...]