Another Thanksgiving

Here we are. Another Thanksgiving. The calendar has made it's way to the fourth Thursday in November one more time. The fact that I'm here and reasonably healthy is something to be thankful for. My wife. A nice home. Good friends. Yep. If I sit down and think about it, … [Read more...]

Do You Need “Tough Love” From Your Realtor?

Lately, I've been hearing from some folks that when a Realtor talks to his (or her) client they should tell them what the need to hear, not what they want to hear. You probably know the difference. Wow! You have such a lovely home. That paisley wallpaper is so retro it's … [Read more...]

I Got Me A New Caricature

So, I got this caricature done on Fiverr. You know. The place that does all kinds of things for $5 except that anything on Fiverr is rarely five bucks. Anyway. I always liked caricatures. I don't know why. Maybe it's because I know they're a distortion of what I look like … [Read more...]

Skeletons In Your Closet

Yes. It's true. You have skeletons in your closet. Maybe more than one skeleton. Maybe more than one closet. I know. It's a damn shame. You've lived in the house for a long time. You may have raised kids there. You've had parties, friends over for dinner. You've painted … [Read more...]

Offer To Settlement. How Fast Can You Go?

Most people think buying a homeĀ is like moving through the checkout line at Target. You go into the "store" and search around a bit for what you want to buy. Once you pick it out, you toodle on up t the check out counter and whip out your credit card and pay for it and walk out … [Read more...]