The Realtor – Client Relationship

If you've ever bought or sold a house, you know that picking a Realtor to help you with the process is no piece of cake. You have any number of articles and blog posts telling you what to look for and how many people you should "interview" before making the decision on who you … [Read more...]

Real Estate Agent or REALTOR®

The words REALTOR® and Real Estate Agent are probably pretty interchangeable in people's minds. After all, don't they do the  same thing? Believe it or not, there is a difference. Depending on who you listen to it can be a big difference or, maybe, not so much. If you've … [Read more...]

Do You Need “Tough Love” From Your Realtor?

Lately, I've been hearing from some folks that when a Realtor talks to his (or her) client they should tell them what the need to hear, not what they want to hear. You probably know the difference. Wow! You have such a lovely home. That paisley wallpaper is so retro it's … [Read more...]

Google Glass Likely to Have a Significant Positive Impact for Real Estate Agents

Former real estate broker and investment property manager, Jessi Hall, believes innovative high-tech device Google Glass has the potential to dramatically change the real estate industry. More than any other video apparatus, Glass is able to provider viewers with the sense … [Read more...]

Do Realtors Really Get Paid Too Much?

I came across this infographic on Pinterest of all places and just loved it. It makes a couple of assumptions like the size of the commission and the fee split between the individual agent and the Broker. If you work for RE/MAX, like I do, or a number of other companies that … [Read more...]